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Hoopla offers a variety of innovative advertising concepts, including daily deals, monthly deals, upcoming sale notifications, and as well as events for entertainment venues. Hoopla saves consumers money while simultaneously helping businesses expand their customer base and increase sales and revenue.

Hoopla provides exceptional value because our advertising models allow companies of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to generate hoopla, particularly on slower days of the week. Our electronic platform tracks the number of people seeing your ad, thereby providing businesses with greater accountability for advertising dollars spent. Hoopla built its entire business model on fully understanding the challenges associated with marketing and building brand awareness for small and medium-sized businesses.

Daily Deals

Posting a daily deal cost one low price for an entire 24 hour period. We recommend that our clients post 2 to 3 daily deals per week, particularly on slow sales days, and rotate the daily deals to keep the deals fresh and engaging for our audience.

Monthly Deals

Instead of rotating daily deals, many businesses prefer to post a single deal for an entire month. The best value for dollar spent by purchasing our daily deals subscription model. Posting a monthly deal is a super value when compared to billboards and TV and radio advertising.

Deal Notifications

Make the most of your daily deals by telling consumers about an upcoming sale a few days before the deal becomes available. Consumers watch the deal notifications to make sure they never miss a great sale in their local area.

Entertainment and Special Events

Everyone wants to know about fun events going on in their area. This special area is reserved for entertainment and special events, such as festivals, parades, concerts, fairs, etc., all in chronological order.

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How does this App Work?

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  • To post on Hoopla, simply register your business in the Client Portal section above.
  • Determine the type of post that’s right for your business: daily deal, monthly deal, or special event.
  • For one low price, our On Demand Advertising Platform gives you access to consumers in your area.

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If you have questions about our On Demand Advertising Platform, please fill out this form and we will reply as soon as possible.


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Advertise on Hoopla

Advertising on Hoopla is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Hoopla aims to create a win-win business relationship by directly connecting businesses with consumers.

If you are looking to enhance your company’s visibility and increase exposure to your products, and more importantly to generate more revenue through low-cost advertising, Hoopla’s user-friendly app includes unique operating features and targeted marketing strategies.

  • Register your business with Hoopla and start promoting daily deals and special events on our platform
  • Choose Hoopla single sale options or monthly subscription models for daily deals, monthly deals, deal alerts, and special events, all based on your advertising requirements and budget
  • After we verify your business through your registration information, you can start posting ads and deals immediately
  • Posting deals and offers on Hoopla is simple and easy (Please refer to How It Works section)
  • Inform consumers about an upcoming daily deal a few days before the ad goes live
  • Businesses can post about upcoming special event discounts and offers for app users in the area

Why businesses choose Hoopla for their modern advertising needs?

The simple answer is Cost Effectiveness! Hoopla uses modern technology to provide businesses with the best value for every dollar spent. Hoopla also attracts the modern consumers looking for online information for today’s best deals and quality products. In today’s world, if your business doesn’t have a way to immediately and cost-effectively communicate with consumers looking for deals and specials, your business is losing sales period.

Build your business mobile brand identity and engage with targeted audiences by signing up with Hoopla.

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